Hey there! My name is Adrienne Paige Baer. I like flowers and sunshine and addressing systematic inequalities in our nation's healthcare system.

I have a background in Information Systems and Neuroscience, which helps me greatly in my role at Optum. Currently, I am a Product Enhacement Strategist for an analytics platform. My work is pretty cool. Basically, I get think of new ways to use and visualize data so insurance companies, groups of physicians, and healthcare systems can find ways to better serve patients.

I am passionate about social impact. I run my own non-profit called Gift to Uplift, creating personalized storybooks for children with long-term illnesses.

I can't let you leave this page without mentioning that I am a voracious reader and traveler. This year (2018) I focused on seeing more of the United States, which took me to 3 new states (Maine, California, and Wisconsin).


I love to capture pictures of plants and flowers, so feel free to view some of my favorite images below!